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  1. Narasimhan Says:

    Went to Thandalam recently. The place still retans the identity of a village.

    Here is the extrct of the notes that I shared with my family.

    Finally today I took a ride up to Thandalam village. We turn into the same road where we bought sites behind Savitha medical college, which is called as the Mevalur kuppam or Thandalam Coot road and have to drive almost 40 kms till we meet Kancheepuram-Arakkonam road and then again towards Sholingapuram. After about 10 kms, we will see a place called Kumpinipet. Almost between two teashops a road turns to right and leads to Thandalam village. Another two kms of drive and we reach Thandalam. Incidentally, both Thandalam, as I use it and Thallam as Ravi prefix his name are ok and used by villagers. It appears like a five street village but with good cement roads. The Ayyar street is where the Adikesava perumal koil is.

    The temple is 800 years old according to Wikipedia, but the temple priest, Viraraghavan who hails from down south but stayed somewhere close to Cuddappah, said that it is 2000 years old.

    The temple has recently been renovated and Kumbabhishekam was done The temple looks clean and some mandapam has recently been added

    An Anjaneyar sannadhi was built along with the renovation and during the foundation work they unearthed a sizable Srinivasa idol, almost 2.5 feet tall with Thayars.

    A separate temple for Srinivasar is built adjoining the original temple complex, which also is well maintained.

    Both temples have nice Nandavanams and are good looking!
    Every Brahman in Thandalam has left the village except the sister of the archakar who is married into a Madabooshi family.

    But Mrs. Madabooshi told me that few have sold their houses. It is just allowed to rot by itself.

    I stayed there for about half an hour and came back.

  2. Narasimhan Says:

    hello sir,
    Is it possible to embed photos in the comments?

  3. Radha Parthasarathy Says:

    Thank you so much for your comments on Thandalam. My husband is from the Thallam family. I hope more visitors , like you come to the village.
    i also hope that you got to see the the womens centre where the village women are making mixes and masalas. This is being marketed in Chennai.
    The health centre has also been renovated and the villagers are getting free consultation every week

    • thallam sreekumar Says:

      my name is thallam sreekumar and i work for icicibank chennai wud like to get in touch with u my contact no is 9884074004

    • Ambalavanan M Says:

      Good Morning Madam,

      Congratulations on being awarded the FLO Award – Social & Humanitarian Category.

      We have adopted similar village and would like you to share your experience as well.

      Request your contact Tel No to speak to you on our FTS Honor Award from Rotary Club of Madras MidTown.

      Best Regards

      M Ambalavanan, 98401 87578
      Director – Vocational Services
      Rotary Club of Madras Midtown.
      RI Dist 3230.

    • Dr. Umesh S. Bhadade Says:

      I had started “Sarla” Foundation with the aim to construct community/individual toilets in the village. I had read article in THe Hindu and came to know that you had constructed 260 toilets in just Rs. 15.60 lacs. My mail id is umeshbhadade@yahoo.com please send me the contact details of yours so that I can plan to meet your for further guidance.

  4. Narasimhan Says:

    My younger brother and sister-in-law came to stay with us for a few days last week. We decided to drive to Thandalam. We went in the evening this trip, and could get darshan of the Adikesava perumal and also Srinivasa perumal. They also, like I did, enjoyed their first visit to Thandalam immensely.
    The Thandalam Women’s Group office was closed by the time we got out of the temple. Hence we missed the opportunity of seeing them. Where in Chennai are TWG products retailed please?

    The villagers suggested us drive North up to Tirutani and take the Chennai bypass road while returning. A good suggestion indeed! While just about 10 km road is unpaved, once one is on the bypass road, one can drive at decent speeds and reach Chennai faster!

  5. Narasimhan Says:

    Since the place is than thalm there may be a tank or kanmai close by which we could not see! Is there one pl?

  6. Radha Parthasarathy Says:

    Thank you so much for taking such interest in Thandalam.I have been trying very hard to connect with people like you who are from Thandalam. ,but no longer domiciled there. I would be obliged if you could let people know what has been happening in Thandalam.
    To answer your question about a water body, yes there is a 150 acre lake between the two temples. If you climb the bund near the Sivan koil you can see the lake. When I first went to Thandalam six years back there was not a drop of water in the lake. There has apparently been no rain there for the last 10 or 15 years. Since the temples have been renovated it has been raining every year and there is water in the lake
    The masalas and the ready mixes are available in a cake shop called winners in CPRamaswamy Road at the foot of the fly over. This cake shop is a project otRotary club, and they have been kind enough to keep our products there. Sri Krishna Sweets have started buying vadams from our Self Help Group and they are marketing it under their name

  7. Narasimhan Says:

    Thank you for the info on the retail outlet of TWG. I would certainly like to try some products soon.

    Our family, bear the surname Thandalam Veeravalli for generations, albeit camouflaged slyly into the initials, not really knowing where this Thandalam is. Unfortunately, I do not know of many carrying the surname Thandalam except my father’s cousin who lives in Chennai. Whenever we drive through Sriperumbudur, we presumed that the Thandalam near Mevalur kuppam to be the place we belong to. Recently, driven by curiosity, I started a web search and to my surprise there are dozens of Thandalams in Tamilnadu, adding to my confusion.

    Our deceased father was passionately preserving some old land transaction records pertaining to his grand father dating to as early as 1898. Apparently the British got out of the Zamindari system and introduced the Ryotwari system just around 1850. Hence the records contained the individual owners name. The difficult, century old cursive Tamil and Telugu scripts were deterring me from reading it. Once I overcame my reservations and read, it made sense.

    I could clearly understand that the Thandalam we hail from is the No, 40 Village of Tirutani sub district (disthrikattu as written in Tamil), of North Arcot district. Few other documents revealed that it is close to Kumpinipet. Quite a few clan names like Madaboosi, Pasamapattu, Eachampadi, Thattai and Villivalam, to quote a few, were found mentioned in those documents. From memory, I recalled also that my grandmother and grandfather used to mention about visits to one Amavasya koil, which later I understood to be the Thiruvallur temple, not very far from Arakkonam. That is how I found my way to Thandalam and traced my lineage at least for 5 generations.

    A renewed search on the web gave information on Yogakshema trust, the renovations done to the temple along with works by TWG.

  8. sankar Says:

    hi mam, i am living in thandalam village..i have sum ideas to develope adicasava temple and agathiswara temple when you will cme thandalam that time i give my ideas…..nenga neria panam thevai illamal waste pandrenga………example village fulla chedi netadhu adha maintain panna endhium sayala…….edha madhere neria waste pandrenga…..nan thappa solala……

  9. sankar Says:

    திருவிளங்கும் தமிழகத்தின் தொண்டைவள நாட்டில் குன்று தோறும் ஆடும் குமரன் திருக்கோயில் கொண்டுள்ள திருத்தணிக்கு தெற்கே, அரக்கோணத்தில் இருந்து சுமார் 7கி.மீ தொலைவில் உள்ள சித்தர்களால் பாடப்பெற்ற சித்தர்பாடிய தண்டலம் என வழங்கும் இக்கிராமத்தில் சுமார் 1000ம் ஆண்டுகள் பழமை வாய்ந்ததும், சுயம்பு மூர்த்தியும் ,அகத்திய முனிவரால் பூஜை செய்யப்பட்ட காமாட்சி அம்பாள் சமேத அகத்தீஸ்வரர் ஆலயம் அமைந்துள்ளது.

    ஆலயத்தை பற்றியும் கிராமத்தை பற்றியும் தஞ்ஜை library ல் குறிப்புகள் உள்ளது…

    சிவன் ஆலயம் பெருமாள் ஆலயமும் ஒன்றை ஒன்று பர்தபடி உள்ளது தனி சிறப்பு.

    • Elango Says:

      தண்டலம் செல்வதற்கு சுலபமான வழி: 1 அரக்கோணம் சென்று அங்கிருந்து கும்பினிபேட்டை செல்லவும்.
      2 கும்பினிபேட்டை பேருந்து நிறுத்தத்தில் இருந்து 100mtr தொலைவில் ஒரு பெட்ரோல் பங்க் உள்ளது.
      3 அதற்கு எதிரே ஒரு சிறிய பாதை தண்டலம் செல்கிறது. (சுமார் 1 km )

      நல்ல அழகிய கிராமம். அழகிய கோவில்.

      என்றென்றும் அன்புடன்,

    • Prasanna Says:

      Hello Sankar,

      I would like to do something for the temple and the village. Can you pls provide me with the Temple contact number or Veeraraghavan priest Number to contact. I work in US .. So i thought it would be good to connect with local ppl there do the goodwill.. Pls let me know

      • Radha Parthasarathy Says:

        Mr Prasanna
        Sorry for the Inordinate delay in replying to you. You had mentioned that you would like to do something for the village of Thandalam and the temple. Mr. veerataghavan is no longer in our employ You could contact one Mr. Sridharan. His no in 98404 18400 He will give you all the necessary details
        Thanks for showing interest in the development of the village

  10. Blaji.R Says:

    Could some one help me out on getting information on the herbal village at thandalam (hope this thandalam is near chengalpattu, while driving through ECR)

  11. tcsankar Says:

    see the link. http://www.agathiswarar.blogspot.com

  12. tcsankar Says:

    pls reply my comment……

  13. Narasimhan Says:


  14. Narasimhan Says:

    Last week we had a family gathering and all my brothers accompanied me to Thandalam. We took the Tirutani route as I did last time. That was decidedly a mistake. The roads leading to Thandalam were being laid. It was all gravel and sand. With the rains it was further slushy and we had a feeling of partaking the Paris Dakar rally.
    Any our Verna s behaved well and we reached the temple.
    We had the Darshan and quite to my surprise both the kids of my brothers liked the place and temple. It was dark by the time we finished the darshan and my sister in laws wanted to see the Thandalam women’s group. Though it was just getting closed the women offered to stay a little more and displayed the wares. They picked some of the displays.

    We returned via vellai gate and Sriperumbudur.
    I get a feeling Thandalam would be part of the itinerary whenever my family gathers again!

    Incidentally I met a gentle man from ICICI working in a senior position recently. He seems to well aware of Thandalam and its whereabouts though he has never been there.

    He expressed his desire to accompany us once to the village.
    Hope he does. Thandalam has a charm which is irresistible!
    That’s it for now

  15. Narasimhan Says:

    This is to answer Mr Prasnnas query. It took me quite some time to respond to him. I am sorry about that

    Thandalam yogakshema trust, Regd office: No 14, Satyanarayana Avenue,Off Boat Club Road, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai- 600 028, phone: 044- 24340448, email: harish_matangi@yahoo.com and radhapat@hotmail.com, mobile- 98412-75883.

  16. Sheela Says:

    Congratulations Mrs. Radha Parthasarathy for the FLO award under the Social and Humanitarian category for transforming Tandalam village


    Congratulations Madam for the FLO award. Wish you many many more laurels to come on your way. With all good wishes,

    A. Kannan
    Honorary Secretary & Treasurer,
    Sri Kothandaramaswamy Temple Baktha Jana Sabha,
    Thisaimuganseri @ Iyyempettaiseri Village, 632508
    ArakkonamTaluk, Vellore Dist. M: +91 91760 72181

  18. Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan Says:

    27 Dec 2013
    Congratulations Madam on your great work. I read about your brilliant efforts in THE HINDU last week. People like you are very rare specimens whom the Almighty sends down once in a while to help the society in general and the poor in particular. By any chance are your products available anywhere in Trichy or Srirangam? I would be happy buying them here.

  19. tcsankar Says:

    Congratulations Madam for the FLO award:


    missed some other activity in above article
    1.school student dress& note book donation
    2.helping for higher education
    3. cow donation
    and etc

    you are doing lot to thandalam i agree. “In 2004, it was a dusty” i am not agree this point. from stating it self they did regular pojas in all temple.

  20. tcsankar Says:


  21. usha chandrasekaran Says:

    can something be done for middle income say lower middle class families in chennai city please

  22. Thallam Thattai Venugopal Says:

    very glad.I now have the meaning of my initials. My name is Thallam Thattai Venugopal. Would like to link with more people please help

    • Badrinath Thattai Says:

      Hi Venu – One Mr. Sridharan spoke to me today and gave me lots of information on Thandalam and Perumal Koil etc.His contact number is +01 9840418400. I was very happy talking to him. I passed on the number to Thambi and asked him to speak to Mr. Sridharan. Please do get in touch with Mr. Sridharan or Thambi.

  23. Thallam Thattai Venugopal Says:

    Out of curiosity I had inserted a few lines introducing myself as Thallam Thattai Venugopal Son of T T Raghunathachari Grandson of TT Vedanta Ramanujam with a view to get connected to Thallam.I also requested to throw some light on the relatives who are related etc. But to my surprise this has been removed????

  24. Badrinath Thattai Says:

    I am Badrinath Thallam Thattai grand son of Late. Shri. Thallam Thattai Ranganatha Thathachari who was working in TTD. I want to speak to some one from this group who can provide more information on Thallam (Now Thandalam Village.

    Please help me to connect.
    My Number: +91 9665038800
    I am currently live in Pune work for Tech Mahindra

  25. Badrinath Thattai Says:

    Hi – Can anybody from the group help me connect with Thallam Thattai clan. I am grandson of Thallam Thattai Ranganath Chari of Thirupati and I want to connect with root of my clan from Thallam, now Thandalam, village. Thanks.

  26. Sanjay Parthasarathy Says:

    Hello everyone,

    For more current information on Thandalam village and the various ongoing projects there, please check out these two Facebook pages:
    1. Empower Thandalam (https://www.facebook.com/empower.thandalam.7?fref=ts) and
    2. Sri Annapoorani Trust (https://www.facebook.com/SAPCT/?fref=ts).

    Also, you’re more likely to get a faster response to any questions that you might have regarding projects at Thandalam village, by posting on the Facebook pages.

  27. radhapat123 Says:

    Very happy that the first anniversary of
    Kumbhabhishekam was celebrated in Thandalam.
    Thanks to Thallam Sreekumar and his wife Bindu for sponsoring the Thirumanjanam.’
    I am happy that those with forefathers
    hailing from Thandalam, have started taking an interest in the village.
    Would appreciate it if all of you could connect to others and request them to visit the village when possible
    Many thanks

  28. radhapat123 Says:

    Mr Badrinath Thallam Thattai
    Pl let us know when you will be visiting Chennai.
    Would be very happy if you can make a trip to Thandalam
    Radha Parthasarathy

    • Thallam Venugopal Says:

      Very glad that Mr Sreekumar is doing good job at Thallam. I Also want to visit and get connected to the roots of my forefathers. I do not know who can help me out

      Anyway special thanks to Mrs radha parthasarathy for giving the information

      Thanks Thallam thattai Venugopal

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